Tow Guides

To determine what you can safely tow, we recommend the following prior to starting your shopping experience:

  1. Open up your owners manual, and review the section on recreational vehicle towing. Make sure you match the engine, driveline and axle ratios correctly.
  2. To further research your tow capacity, calling the dealer has never been shown to be a good resource, so we suggest calling the manufacturer directly. Look in your manual for the toll free customer phone number for the manufacturer.  Find your vehicle identification number and call asking for information regarding tow ratings for a recreational vehicles. Ask specifically for the MAXIMUM LOADED TRAILER WEIGHT.
  3. You do not need to be concerned about the tongue or pin weight of the trailer at this time, as the weight distribution hitch will compensate for this weight.
  4. For most situations pulling an RV that is up to and within 80-85% of your maximum  allowable capacity is normal, acceptable and safe.  TCRV WILL NOT allow you to purchase a trailer that is outside of your factory allowable and safe tow limits. We will check your tow vehicle before we enter into a transaction with you.

Towing Guides


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