Some of the services we provide are below:   Big or small job…we can do it all

  • 30 point inspection. Let us identify what is working and what needs attention.
  • 110v and 12v electrical system inspection.
  • Water heater repairs and service
  • RV furnace service and repair.
  • SEAL TECH leak testing to locate those hard to locate roof leaks
  • RV refrigerator service and inspection. 
  • Water system inspection and repair
  • Body & collision repair
  • Appliance & accessories 
  • Air conditioner repair and installation.
  • De-winterization & sanitation to get your RV ready for the upcoming season.
  • Extended warranty service
  • LP or Propane gas inspection and pressure checking.
  • Slide Out room service & maintenance

We service all makes and models!

Roof sealants and water leaks are the most overlooked maintenance item on any RV today. Make sure you have your roof sealants looked at and touched up before storing your RV for the winter. This is recommended at a minimum of every other year.
* Caulk, seal and leak repairs extra.

We are experts at all aspects of RV service including: Collision repairs, Wind & Water damage, roofs, walls, electrical, plumbing, accessory and hitch installation and lots more. 

Insurance and Warranty repairs welcome.

Here are images of a recent roof repair:

Our favorite hitch system is below:

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