Rental Disclaimer & Information

Weekly Rentals

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day we rent ONLY by the week. During our busy season we can not accommodate requests for DAILY or WEEKEND rentals.

Our weeks run from 2pm Friday to 10am the following Friday.. We will consider other scheduling options off season.

Reservation Deposit

A $500 ($300 for Travel Trailers) reservation deposit is required to reserve the dates desired. This deposit must be on a credit card. If you cancel 30 days prior to your pickup date, your deposit will be refunded. If you cancel within 30 days of your pickup date, the refund will be the discretion of the dealership.

Driver Requirements

Driver(s) must be at least 25 years old and be able to produce a valid driver’s license.

Familiarization Tour

This tour will be given to familiarize the renter with the unit they will be renting. The tour takes approx. 20 minutes and is required.


Due to our insurance company regulations, the awnings that may be on the unit are not functional, and may not be used. No awnings!


All motor homes come with a 110v generator. Use of the generator is included in the rental fee. Travel trailers do not have a generator.

Fuel & Propane

The gasoline and propane tanks will be full at delivery and the gasoline tank must be returned full. If we have to refill your gasoline you will be charged $8.00 a gallon to refill it. On all units, the dealership is responsible for refill of the propane tanks.

Early Returns

No refunds will be given for early returns, late pickups, or unused miles.


Towing of vehicles and trailers behind our motorhomes is not permissible per our insurance regulations


The customer is responsible for checking engine fluids and coolant levels at each refueling. The customer will be held responsible for damage due to negligence.


Insurance is included in the rental rate. You will be responsible for the $500.00 deductible ($1000 for Motorhomes) per occurrence whether you are at fault or not. Negligence or failure to report an accident to the proper authorities and follow procedures will cancel your coverage. Awnings, Antennas, and any roof damage are not covered by our insurance company and the repairs will be the responsibility of the renter.


As a consideration to all future renters and prospective owners, SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED. If we find any evidence that the unit has been smoked in, we will levy a $200 cleaning fee.


As a consideration to all future renters and prospective owners, PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED. If we find any evidence that the unit has been occupied by animals, we will levy a $200 cleaning fee.

Vehicle Return

Vehicles MUST BE RETURNED ON TIME. Return time on Friday is between 9am-10am. Remember there is usually a family expecting to leave on their vacation shortly after your expected return. If you arrive any part of 2 hours late you will charged $150 extra. If you arrive over 2 hours late, then you will be subject to an extra week rental fee.

Vehicle Conditions at Return

In addition to the aforementioned fuel and propane refilling, the customer must return the unit in the same condition as it was received. If the unit is not as clean as it was when delivered the dealership will levy a cleaning fee that will start at $200.00. The holding tanks MUST BE EMPTIED when returned. TCRV does not have a RV dump on site. There is $50 charge if we have to take the unit off site to empty the tanks when you return. We ask that you return the unit with both dumps valves in the open position, and the cap off so we can easily determine that the tanks have been emptied.

In Case of Emergency

In the event of a breakdown or emergency please call us as soon as possible at:

705 N. US HWY 31 S, TRAVERSE CITY, MI | Main (231) 943-4050 | Sales (231) 709-4819 | Rentals (231) 709-4827

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